On the Pecha Kucha Clock

Sometimes the best way to learn is by listening. We’ve been sharing information orally for millennia—from cautionary tales and educational fables around the campfires of yesteryear to professional presentations and entertaining podcasts today. Listening can hit different emotional or psychological notes than reading, and, for certain subjects, be a more powerful mode of delivering information.  

But not everyone is talented at speaking. We’ve all sat through horrible PowerPoint presentations in which someone tasked with telling us an engaging story, instead drones on in a monotone voice while reading verbatim from slides overstuffed with words.  

Enter the Pecha Kucha. This presentation style limits you to 20 slides and just 20 seconds per slide to convey your message. Thus, encouraging a swift pace and simplified delivery. Even better, it forbids you from placing more than 5 words on a slide, meaning presentations are more likely to feature interesting and relevant visuals rather than decorative speech notes. 

This presentation style is a great option to consider for your next professional presentation, and even for your recreational time. Pecha Kucha nights are held around the world, offering people interested in trying or practicing this format opportunities to present on everything from academic research to hobbies. Anything goes! 

I’ve taken my recently posted long-form article on the effects of voice assistants on young children and distilled it down into a 6 minute and 40 second Pecha Kucha presentation. Check it out! 

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