A Social Media Strategy Pitch: Scratch Baking

Having strategy for your brand on social media is always important, but when you have a specific goal you’d like social media to help you achieve, it becomes vital. Any strategy you develop for a social media campaign should be anchored in a SMART goal (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound), define who your target audience is, and define what you will measure to determine success.

You will also need to think of how the strategy can be activated through content or other actions on social media in line with your brand identity and ensure that the language you use for these initiatives is consistent with your brand voice. This can be a lot to think about, but its the work that needs to be done to position your brand for success on social media.

I’ve previously posted about how to determine a small business’s social media presence, create a content calendar, build personas, and write community management guidelines using one of my favorite businesses, Scratch Baking in Milford, CT. Based on this work, I’ve created the following slides and presentation outlining a social media strategy they could use to raise awareness and use of their online ordering feature amongst their regular customer base.

Making a concerted push for this now could help them mitigate revenue losses when the expected second wave of coronavirus infections arrives in the fall of 2020 and potentially disrupts businesses because of the reinstatement of necessary social distancing protocols. The more their customer base is used to online ordering the smoother this transition could go for the business and the less financial risk they will face.

Use Facebook and Instagram to increase sales from online ordering by 10% by the end of the summer season (Labor Day).

SMART goal for Scratch Baking social media

One other thing to remember is that once you’ve crafted the strategy you want to execute on social media, you will likely need to get the strategy approved or adopted – unless you’re an entrepreneur or it’s for your personal brand. Knowing how to clearly and concisely present your ideas to your manager, a leadership team, or a business you’re hoping to work with is a vital part of building any strategy.

I hope you enjoy my presentation and find it helpful for developing and stewarding the next social media strategy for your brand.


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